Tuesday, 2 March 2021

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Robert Clark
Robert Clark is a postgraduate student at the Department of War Studies at King’s College, London. Previously, he was a Research Assistant at the Henry Jackson Society and served with the British Army (2007-2016), where he undertook operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

ROBERT CLARK argues that the United Kingdom should continue to take a key interest in the Western Balkans to uphold the Atlantic Alliance and prevent Russia from spreading propaganda

ROBERT CLARK argues that the Atlantic Alliance’s future depends on a shared threat perception and more equitable burden sharing among allies

ROBERT CLARK interviews Commodore James Parkin, the Commander of the Royal Navy’s Amphibious Task Group, about Operation BALTIC PROTECTOR and the Joint Expeditionary Force

ROBERT CLARK argues that the time has come – given Iranian behaviour in the Gulf – for the United Kingdom to begin edging closer to the United States in relation ...

ROBERT CLARK argues that the United Kingdom needs to reassert leadership over the defence of Europe, reconfirming the centrality of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation