Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Block Eight

PROF BRENDAN SIMMS looks at the eightieth anniversary of the evacuation at Dunkirk, comparing Britain’s situation in 1940 with 2020

PROF GERHARD L WEINBERG discusses the end of the Second World War in Europe

JAMES ROGERS interviews Lord Richards of Herstmonceux about Operation PALLISER, the British military intervention in Sierra Leone in 2000

DR SIMON WALDMAN looks back at the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980 and assesses subsequent relations between Britain and the Islamic Republic

DR CHRIS NEWTON assesses the Allied landing at Anzac Cove in Galipolli during the First World War on 25th April 1915

ROBERT CLARK argues that the United Kingdom should continue to take a key interest in the Western Balkans to uphold the Atlantic Alliance ...

JAMES ROGERS interviews NICK TIMOTHY about the future of Britain, the Conservative Party, and British foreign and defence policy

JAMES ROGERS asks faculty from the Henry Jackson Society what implications Covid-19 will have for Britain’s domestic and international policies and position

DR JOHN REAGAN argues that it is time for the United Kingdom and its allies to realise that, politically, China is not a ...

MATTHEW HENDERSON pieces together the series of negligent decisions by the Chinese Communist Party that allowed Covid-19 to spread around the world
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