Saturday, 23 January 2021


THOMAS BRYANT argues that future British governments should never again seek to force the United Kingdom into political entities that are incompatible with British sovereignty

DR RAKIB EHSAN argues that 2019 marks the re-emergence of the desire of the British people to take back control the destiny of their own nation

DR RAKIB EHSAN argues that reservations over cultural diversity do not always signify racist attitudes, but often reflect the desire for a national framework based on shared values

DR RAKIB EHSAN argues that Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union offers an exciting opportunity to escape the dull and lifeless ‘managerial technocracy’ of the past thirty years

DR RAKIB EHSAN argues that, rather than celebrating difference, the modern liberal-left needs to reappraise the importance of what binds citizens together, namely civic nationalism

RAKIB EHSAN argues that the time has come to reconstruct a sense of civic nationality to bind together the fractured and polarised politics of the United Kingdom