Friday, 15 November 2019


SIMON SCHOFIELD argues that unless Britain wishes to see chaos in the Middle East as the United States withdraws from the region, it needs to prepare to assume a role ...

ROBERT CLARK argues that the time has come – given Iranian behaviour in the Gulf – for the United Kingdom to begin edging closer to the United States in relation ...

JAMES ROGERS argues that British policy-makers need to reappraise Britain’s foreign policy to project a perception of resolve and determination in an age of great power competition

JAMES ROGERS interviews The Rt. Hon. TOBIAS ELLWOOD MP about the British Armed Forces, defence posture and defence spending

DR JOHN HEMMINGS argues that British politicians and officials need to resist attempts by the People's Republic of China to deactivate British policy-making and subject the United Kingdom

DR JOHN HEMMINGS argues that British policy-makers need to review their understanding of the People’s Republic of China if they are to put relations on a more realistic and durable ...

NAMAN HABTOM-DESTA critiques and responds to Dr Thomas Peak’s call for a British doctrine of atrocity prevention

DR PAUL STOTT interviews DR ASHLEY COX about the nature and character of conservative diplomacy

JAMES ROGERS interviews TOM TUGENDHAT MP about the future of British strategic policy

DR PHILIP SHETLER-JONES argues that due to increasingly shared security concerns, Japan and the United Kingdom should draw closer together