Friday, 15 January 2021

DR JOHN REAGAN argues that it is time for the United Kingdom and its allies to realise that, politically, China is not a ‘normal’ country

MATTHEW HENDERSON pieces together the series of negligent decisions by the Chinese Communist Party that allowed Covid-19 to spread around the world

JAMES ROGERS argues that China’s response to Covid-19 reflects the behaviour of Xi Jinping’s deeply repressive regime – one that Britain should now start to decouple from

JAMES ROGERS argues that the United Kingdom needs to update its European geostrategy if it is to continue to play a role in shaping the geopolitics of Europe

DR PAUL STOTT asks whether Britain wishes to continue to be tied to a country – Turkey – whose values are increasingly different in nature to its own

ZAKI COOPER assesses Britain’s ‘soft power’ assets on the day that the country leaves the European Union and begins charting a new future as ‘Global Britain’

MATTHEW HENDERSON argues that those who advocate allowing Huawei to build parts of Britain’s 5G network must prove that it is safe

THOMAS BRYANT argues that future British governments should never again seek to force the United Kingdom into political entities that are incompatible with British sovereignty
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