Friday, 15 January 2021

DR ALEXANDER CLARKE assesses the long-term implications of the Asama Maru Incident of 21st January 1940, when a British cruiser intercepted German merchant seamen on a Japanese ocean liner

DR RAKIB EHSAN argues that 2019 marks the re-emergence of the desire of the British people to take back control the destiny of their own nation

ROBERT CLARK argues that the Atlantic Alliance’s future depends on a shared threat perception and more equitable burden sharing among allies

TOBIAS CREMER looks at the attempts of Britain and Germany to draw the Middle East into their geostrategic competition at the turn of the twentieth century

JAMES ROGERS argues it is time for a renewed British focus on South America

MATTHEW HENDERSON argues that the time has come for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to address the growing challenge from the People’s Republic of China

DR ANDREW FOXALL argues that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation needs to focus more on space if the Euro-Atlantic democracies are to uphold their military dominance in the twenty-first century

JAMES ROGERS assesses the defence spending of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) over the past five years – and finds many allies still to be shirking and idling
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