Monday, 19 August 2019

ROBERT CLARK argues that the time has come – given Iranian behaviour in the Gulf – for the United Kingdom to begin edging closer to the United States in relation ...

NIKITA MALIK argues that while the British government was right to conceal the identity of a child terrorist, conditions should be attached

JAMES ROGERS argues that British policy-makers need to reappraise Britain’s foreign policy to project a perception of resolve and determination in an age of great power competition

JAMES ROGERS interviews The Rt. Hon. JOHN REDWOOD MP about British foreign policy, particularly in relation to Europe

DR RAKIB EHSAN argues that Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union offers an exciting opportunity to escape the dull and lifeless ‘managerial technocracy’ of the past thirty years

JAMES ROGERS argues that the new government headed by Boris Johnson needs to make some big reforms to the way Britain does foreign policy, not least because of the rise ...

JAMES ROGERS interviews The Rt. Hon. TOBIAS ELLWOOD MP about the British Armed Forces, defence posture and defence spending
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