Saturday, 27 February 2021

Mission Statement

Britain is adrift. In recent years ‘globalists’, ‘isolationists’ and ‘compensationists’ have all but suffocated the United Kingdom’s (UK) ability to develop a coherent and suitable strategic policy for dealing with the wider world.

As it plans to withdraw from the European Union (EU), the UK needs new ideas for national renewal and global engagement. This becomes all the more pertinent as the world descends into a new era of strategic competition as countries such as Russia and China rise to challenge the rules-based international order.

The British Interest offers a platform for such debates. We aim to become the leading online magazine for the discussion of the UK’s national priorities, including how they should be defined.

We hope a few principles bind our contributors together.

We stand against ‘declinism’. While the UK is no longer the world’s dominant nation, it still has the potential to remain among the world’s leading powers, well into the twenty-first century.

We are unionists. The UK – a union of nations and overseas territories – has now lasted, indeed flourished, for over three centuries. Whatever their differences, we hope the peoples of these islands – Britons, whether English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh – shall continue to work together to generate the means to protect both their interests and their values, not least as they come under attack from authoritarian rivals.

We are also internationalists. From the abolition of the slave trade during the early nineteenth century to the defeat of class-based and ethnic-based totalitarianism in continental Europe during the twentieth, Britain has played a key role in pressing down injustice and wrong. As a global diplomatic and military power, we believe that the UK should continue to act as a force for good in the world, even if we might disagree about the merit of specific forms of engagement.

That said, to facilitate continued discussion and debate, we welcome all perspectives in The British Interest. So, irrespective of your own standpoint, we and our contributors hope you will enjoy reading The British Interest, which we hope will enrich and widen our national debate.

And, obviously, the usual disclaimer applies: the views of our contributors are theirs alone and do not represent the views of The British Interest, the Henry Jackson Society, or the Forum on Geopolitics at the University of Cambridge.

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James Rogers
Editor-in-Chief, The British Interest
11 June 2019