Sunday, 24 January 2021


Although there are many great publications focusing on international affairs, very few have an explicit British standpoint. Rather, they prefer a ‘global’ or ‘international’ perspective. This is what makes The British Interest different: our contributors look at issues through a British lens.

We are always interested in fresh ideas on the United Kingdom’s global interests, as well as its international position and role.

We have five main forms of content:

  1. Commentaries, c. 800-word articles focusing on a key event, concept or idea;
  2. Essays, c. 1,500-2,000-word articles focusing on a key event, concept or idea, but in more depth;
  3. Interviews, c. 800-1,000-word articles with a politician, civil servant or well-known analyst or scholar;
  4. Standpoints, c. 1,000-word articles deconstructing established concepts or ideas;
  5. Telegrams, c. 1,500-word articles with an “applied” historical dimension.

If you are interested in having your work published in The British Interest, please use the submissions form below to send us your pitch. Your pitch should include a short biography (up to two sentences) and a short outline (up to five sentences) of what your article will be about, as well as why you think the topic matters to the United Kingdom. Please click here for our style guidelines.

For Telegrams, we may, in some circumstances, offer a modest honorarium (up to £150 per article). We will inform you if we can offer this on receipt of your pitch.

Please allow us five working days to process your pitch.