Sunday, 22 September 2019


Commentaries are short articles of approximately 800 words focusing on a key event, concept or idea

MILIA HAU argues that the United Kingdom has a legal and ethical responsibility to do more to uphold the freedoms of the people of Hong Kong

DR PAUL STOTT argues that the successes of Operation Banner in Northern Ireland should not be misunderstood and that politics will always be at the centre of any attempt to forge a lasting peace

NIKITA MALIK argues that while the British government was right to conceal the identity of a child terrorist, conditions should be attached

DR RAKIB EHSAN argues that Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union offers an exciting opportunity to escape the dull and lifeless ‘managerial technocracy’ of the past thirty years

DR JOHN HEMMINGS argues that British policy-makers need to review their understanding of the People’s Republic of China if they are to put relations on a more realistic and durable footing

DR PAUL STOTT argues that Northern Ireland is neither moving forwards politically, nor backwards – but is instead drifting in circles

BOB SEELY MP argues that the time has come to develop closer ties between Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom – the ‘CANZUK’ nations

ANDREW FOXALL argues that to protect its allies overseas, the United Kingdom first needs to finalise closing Russia off from malicious behaviour in its own territory

BRENDAN SIMMS argues that the European order will be unstable if the United Kingdom does not craft for itself a role as an ordering power in the geopolitics of mainland Europe