Wednesday, 29 January 2020


Essays are longer articles of between 1,500-2,000 words focusing on a key event, concept or idea

MATTHEW HENDERSON argues that those who advocate allowing Huawei to build parts of Britain’s 5G network must prove that it is safe

THOMAS BRYANT argues that future British governments should never again seek to force the United Kingdom into political entities that are incompatible with British sovereignty

ROBERT CLARK argues that the Atlantic Alliance’s future depends on a shared threat perception and more equitable burden sharing among allies

JAMES ROGERS argues it is time for a renewed British focus on South America

MATTHEW HENDERSON argues that the time has come for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to address the growing challenge from the People’s Republic of China

DR ANDREW FOXALL argues that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation needs to focus more on space if the Euro-Atlantic democracies are to uphold their military dominance in the twenty-first century

JAMES ROGERS assesses the defence spending of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) over the past five years – and finds many allies still to be shirking and idling

PHILIP SHETLER-JONES argues – on the anniversary of the start of the Suez Crisis – that the United Kingdom should review the dominant assumptions of the 1950s and 1960s, to embrace once again the region ‘East of Suez’

DR PAUL STOTT argues that to keep the far right at bay, Conservative and Eurosceptic parties will need to adapt in an age of polarised politics and social media

SAM GOODMAN argues that the time has come for the United Kingdom to adopt legislation modelled off America’s Logan Act to prevent unauthorised British diplomatic activity